Be Empowered. Lead by Example. Be Authentic.

You already have all the tools you need to make healthy lifestyle changes (you’re amazing like that). I’m here to guide you in how to use your tools.

I’m Jaime, your Lifestyle Guide, dedicated to teaching SIMPLE and NATURAL SOLUTIONS to feeling your best. Whether you are a new mum, athlete or fresh from a big life change, I welcome you to my all-encompassing approach to healthy living for your body, mind, soul AND planet.

Let’s work together to reconnect with your inner compass, find direction, nourish your health and feel ridiculously awesome.

Jaime Komer
Lifestyle Guide | Olympic Medalist | Happy Dough Co-Creator




Where in your life do you want to make positive changes? My In-home and FaceTime Consultations are offered in 3 empowering packages.


Bring your company, team or posse together for a healthy living Olympian-led workshop.


Be the best version of yourself. My life lessons as an Olympian and approach to whole body healthy living will inspire, challenge and empower you.