A Zesty Ginger Concoction for your Digestive & Immune Systems

I hear of many folk getting sick during this time of year. While there are many factors involved in whether we catch a cold or not – wait, who made up the phrase “catch a cold” anyhow? When we catch something, we willingly, or at the least, instinctually make the decision to grab a hold of this entity. Since any sane individual does not wish to catch any of this grossness, let’s take out catch and use get smacked down like a dodgeball to the gut. As I was saying, while there are many factors involved in whether we get smacked down like a dodgeball to the gut, what we do or do not eat / drink plays a massive role. And half the time, we don’t even realize what’s reeking havoc on our digestive and in turn, immune system.

Before I go off on a tangent about eating as much organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and nutrient-dense foods as possible (too late), try out this zesty concoction that’s perfect for cleansing the palette and digestive system:


Ginger Straight Up (now tell me do you want to love me forever)*

Step by Step (ooh baby, gonna get to you girl)**

1) Buy (or grow) organic ginger.

2) Use veggie peeler to take off skin (of the ginger, not yours).

3) Place cut up ginger into strong blender (go Vitamix!). How much? Ginger is potent so it’s best to start with less and add more later.

4) Add water, coconut water, or sparkling water.

5) Option to add juice from organic lemon and / or honey to add sweetness to the sharp ginger flavor.

6) Blend away! Add additional ingredients to taste.

7) Drink. Share. Cleanse. Smile. Enjoy.

Benefits of Ginger:

– Can ease an upset stomach. Curvy roads + Jaime = prime time spew party. Trust me, ginger helps.
Anti-inflammatory properties. Helping your body recover from training.
Supports healthy digestion. Thank goodness, nobody likes hanging out at the constipation station.

* Thanks for the inspiration Paula Abdul.
** Yes, I was a New Kids on the Block fan.

Resource: Thrive, the Vegan Nutritional Guide for Optimal Performance in Sports and Life by Brendan Brazier

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