I’ve created for you a free, downloadable Reflective Worksheet to better absorb the year’s nutrient dense experiences and to hydrate your inspiration and motivation for the next.

How to use: Download this AYT lifestyle pdf to print out or type in your answers. Depending on how you roll, you may want to find a quiet space or even do this with friends on New Year’s Eve. Either way,

Extra Clever Pants McGee Bonus: Fold up your finished sheet and place in an envelope. Also add a blank copy of the Reflective & Connective Questionnaire in the envelope. Place it in your calendar book or a spot you’ll find it to reopen (and fill out) at the end of the year. If you typed your responses on the computer, schedule an email to be sent December 30th with your newly written pdf attached. Talk about reflective fun!  


Why 8? Since I created this in 2015, how about because 2+0+1+5 = 8. Tadaaaaa! Or maybe just because I came up with 8 solid questions. Either way, it’s really just a matter of perspective. Which I suppose is what reflecting on each year is all about; Perspective. Your opinion. My opinion. The bigger picture. The whole picture. The joy, happiness and successes of your entire year are purely dependent on your perspective. Wow, that was deep. And we haven’t even started the questions….

Your Year in Review

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