Our third week of flowing through postures and goals took us in a whole new direction. CORE VALUES.

What is most important to you and how does it shape your decisions?

Is it family? Respect? Honesty? Work ethic?

Just like how a company might have an original intent, we have our core values. They’re what drives and guides us as we make decisions and create our goals.

Think of core values as your foundation. You’re on your mat and you glide into Warrior I. Your alignment and benefits of the pose start at your feet, your foundation. By being solid through all four corners of each foot and aligning them up properly, you create the foundation of your pose. Everything else is influenced by this. Et voila, you have your core values!

Now that this has your mind churning, write down your own CORE VALUES. Next time you make a big decision, notice how it is influenced by your foundation.


Daily Purpose

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Great success!