If you were unavoidably detained over the weekend and missed our first YoGoaling session at lululemon athletica Newport Beach, there’s no need to panic!

Why? Because,

1) We’ve got our next YoGoal session this Sunday! If you’re in the area, join us! (click on the YoGoaling link above for details)


2) Like a warm cuppa on a rainy day, here’s a little recap to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy through the week. Now if you want to read this while doing a few yoga poses, more power to ya!


The World of Possibility

Possibility: Highly unlikely but capable of happening.

Our YoGoal class letting go of any constraints.

Goal setting can be a tough cookie. One of the most important things when goal setting is to look beyond what you might consider realistic. Think about the definition of “possibility”. Highly unlikely, but capable of happening.

Sometimes we stop short because we’re worried about what we don’t have, what other people might think of our goals, what if we fail (eek!), or our other responsibilities in life.

Even if for just a few moments, see if we can allow ourselves to let go of these constraints. What are the reasons that you say you can’t do something. Is it money? Not enough time? Other commitments? Throw these things aside and see where your mind wanders to.

One of the hardest things to do is to KNOW what you want. To actually be able to say IT, being specific, in one solid sentence. This is a powerful thing. To say, I want ____, and that I will do ____. To write it down, to share it, to even give yourself a timeline when you will complete it.

If we are able to answer this question without the limitations of any constraints, as honestly as you possibly can, then we most certainly are in the world of possibility.

Question of the Day:

If time, money, education, experience were no issue, you had zero constraints in this world, what would you do?


Daily Purpose

Create a rewarding, efficient, purposeful day you are ridiculously PROUD of.

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Great success!