Thus begins our 5 part series on Yoga in Rwanda. Why 5 parts? Because we traveled up, down, and all around this hidden gem of a country to share yoga and found heaps of peeps to flow with!

The inspiring nonprofit organization, Kids Play International was absolutely instrumental in making this mission-of-a-plan happen. In fact, they are the reason we found ourselves in Rwanda in the first place!


This is a big year for Kids Play International. A new and innovative curriculum is being implemented on location in Gatagara, Rwanda. This July, our 10 adventurous volunteers took to the field and taught, led, demonstrated, and inspired our KPI youth through the life lessons of sports.

Because a photo can speak more words than I can share…

photo credit: Keith Falk, 2013 Kids Play International Volunteer and winner of Best Team Player Award

Mat Movement KPI 2013 DSC_0142 DSC_0036 DSC_0035



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