This Global Documentation concludes our 5 part series on Yoga in Rwanda. Each experience was unique and special, as we led yoga sessions in a variety of ways to a variety of groups. Yet no matter where or who we taught, we always intertwined the physical pose with the breath and mental awareness. (What muscle am I activating? Am I aligned? Where is my mind wandering to?)

Our final yogic adventure in Rwanda came by a delightful chance meeting with Doga Makiura, a Project Coordinator with a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit. Based in Japan, Doga spends a good chunk of his time in Rwanda, creating sustainable programs in education and agriculture.

Welcome to the KLab, an open workspace for IT Entrepreneurs, a population who spends the majority of their time leaning over a computer (sound familiar?). That’s right, we brought yoga into the workspace! Sure, everyone is dressed in their jeans, skirts, and button-down shirts, but that doesn’t you can’t practice yoga.


The Olympic experience spans across athletics to careers,  especially when we’re talking about the passion and drive to pursue our goals. 


KLab Klab

Opening up hip flexors, rotating the body, and stretching the spine are all important aspects of an office-inspired yoga session. Klab

When we sit at a desk, the tendency is to round our lower and upper back. If we can concentrate on shifting our pelvis to an ideal position then this can help guide our spine (using our core muscles) to a healthier and lengthened posture. What does our pelvis usually want to do? Often it will be tucked underneath us, forcing our lower back to slouch and round. 



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