Isn’t it enough that the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming Hobbit were filmed here? (Needless to say I’ve been rewatching the movies as “research” for our Sweaty New Zealand Challenge.) In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a day’s challenge that involves wearing hairy hobbit feet on a long trek to Mordor. Hmm…

Besides taking advantage of the opportunity to geek out and yell “You-shall-not-pass!” in my best Gandolf voice, New Zealand is an outdoor mecca of natural wonders, a unique culture, and historic beauty. Here are a few reasons why we’re particularly keen on getting down and dirty in this country:

There’s no faking it here (that’s what she said)

It’s time to smear mud on our faces, tramp up the mountainside, take a dip in the toasty thermal pools, and swim with the dolphins (or whatever else we might find). Hopefully not all of these take place at the same time.

New Zealand is brimming with natural geographical wonders and we’re ready to take them on!


Running & Wine

Why wouldn’t these two go together? In fact, is it possible to make it running with wine? We will find out on December 1st when we put the pedal to the metal for 13.1 miles (pardon, 21.1 kilometers) through the Marlborough wine region. Where else besides the Marlborough Marathon ’12 do you receive a bottle of Villa Maria wine for completing a half marathon?



Outdoor Yoga 

Yoga in a studio? That’s pure silly talk when you’re in such a gorgeous place. We will be twisting and lunging away on the mountain tops, lakeside, hiking trails, and sandy shores.

Where you ask? Lake Wanaka, Tongariro National Park, and the Bay of Plenty, to name a few.





Daily Purpose

Create a rewarding, efficient, purposeful day you are ridiculously PROUD of.

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Great success!