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Who is Coco and What Does She Do?

By November 23, 2012 No Comments

When planning our trip to New Zealand, we were introduced to Coco through JUCY and her pal Lucy. JUCY is fun, very active, and quite popular with Kiwi’s and visitors alike. Yep, she gets around.

Coco on the other hand is a unique specimen that can be spotted by her own distinct features (one might call her a “hot spot”). She’s one of a kind and we’re quite anxious to take advantage of her.

This isn’t confusing, is it?

It’s time we meet Coco the Social Cabana.

For the remainder of the Sweaty New Zealand Challenge, we’ll be taking this supped up campervan across the North Island and swooping downt to the wee tip of the South Island. Each day we’ll continue to jump, sweat, scream, roll, paddle, or run our way through our challenges.

Want to see what we’re up to? Coco has her own GPS tracking device so you can follow along on her adventures. Blogs and pictures will also be popping up on JUCY’s Facebook page! We’re going to put some good quality mileage on this baby, so be sure to check in randomly.

Fly You Fools: She might even make an appearance in Wellington (Middle of Middle Earth) on the day of the World Premiere for The Hobbit. Now wouldn’t that be a sight!

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