Here at AYT, we have recently opened up a new door that will inspire every Athlete, Yogi and Traveler. We ALL love to travel, yet we often find excuses not to book that trip we’ve been talking about for ages. AYT’s goal is to share Yoga and ways to Sweat around the World; one main facet is to help you visit and experience new places, cultures and connect with amazing people.

A couple ideas to help stir your thoughts and get out of your town (or more bluntly, your “bubble”):

*The AYT Experience: We have more retreats in the works, stay tuned or get in touch with us for the latest. This summer will be packed with our Nicaragua retreat partnering with Papaya Wellness, Rwanda Yoga Volunteer Trip with Kids Play International, and researching various European countries.
*Private AYT Retreat: Looking for an exclusive retreat for your group, company or team?
*Volunteer Trips: Itching to get a Volunteer trip in, using sport to promote gender equity? Kids Play International is an Olympian founded and led non-profit organization that we work closely with and support.

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