How you define “healthy” is completely and utterly dependent on YOU. Let’s explore what this means and how it relates to your personal perspective and lifestyle…1000x200 blog titles-13

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If I were to tell you to eat to more raw, plant-based foods, this is a pretty clear and concise suggestion. I’m guessing we can agree for the most part on the definition of raw (e.g. uncooked or possibly dehydrated at a heat no higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit) and plant-based (e.g. sourced from plants with no animal products).

Yet what if I told you to eat healthy foods or live a healthy lifestyle? What does that mean? The word “healthy” is not so easily quantifiable. The definition of healthy is dependent on who you ask. One’s location, cultural beliefs, past experiences, health care preferences and (scientific) knowledge are among the many influencers to our personal perception of health. We may not all carry the same concepts for healthy – and that’s okay. Yet I do believe one should be fully aware of their own definition of the word. The more you explore and expand on what healthy means to you, the easier it will be to make healthy lifestyle choices that are both relevant and personal to your body and your environment.

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To better understand where you’re at today (and use as a reference later on)…Using your journal, a pen & paper, or a computer, answer the following questions. Being as specific and detailed as possible:My Experiences...

Keep these notes handy. They will be a resourceful reference for you as you continue your health journey (of awesomeness).

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When I think of being healthy, I think of balance. Well, to be honest, I first come up with a ridiculously long description, which ultimately still gets summed up with one word – balance. Your body thrives in balance. Whether we’re addressing the amount of stress you can handle, how you move, what you eat, your community, the economy, our society as a whole, even entire ecosystems – they all thrive in a state of their own version of balance.

When we’re out of balance, we receive signals, like an SOS message, telling us something is off. Aches, pains, fatigue, poor skin quality, cramps, illness, and so on. In today’s modern lifestyle, there is so much going on around us, so much “white noise”, if you will, that we can’t always hear or see the signal. Dang, where’s the My Body Owner’s Manual when you need one!

If you work your way back to the source of a problem (not the symptoms or SOS signals), you’ll find that something was out of balance. What causes this imbalance? In a simple answer: stress.

We will continue to explore the role stress plays in your life (and health) in the following Proactive Global Goods. If you can’t wait, download your complimentary Nutritional Guide pronto by clicking here or on the image below (not the image of me, the one below that. I just have the image of me so I can say farewell to you in person).

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