New blog focus. New videos. New eCourse coming your way. Oh ya, and a brand new baby! Geez, we’ve been busy.

I’m really excited to be writing this blog to you. Why? Because it’s my first since Kovy Zealand Komer was born on 1.6.17. We have so much to talk about! While I’ve been journaling before and after Kovy was born, there’s something about writing to you (whoever you may be) that’s uniquely fun and therapeutic for me. So thanks for being here, it honestly means a lot to me! I hope I’ve returned the favor in some capacity with my quirky humor, random knowledge, curious perspective and lifestyle adventures. In fact, that’s what I’m writing about…lifestyle adventures. More specifically, lifestyle exploring! What is lifestyle exploring? Well, I made a video to answer this and introduce you to our lifestyle approach and why we do what we do (what do we do, anyhoo?).

If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ve noticed I’ve been on a video kick. Well go figure, it’s easier (read: more efficient) for me to post videos than write blogs. Why? Because I can hold Kovy while doing a video and I can’t hold him while writing a blog. Don’t worry, this blog won’t disappear. It will, however, begin to include more of my personal experiences to navigating a healthy lifestyle. Consider this more of a “this is what I do and why I do it” space instead of a “this is what you should do and why”. Besides, you don’t want to be told what to do. You’re a clever and accountable kid. I do hope that by sharing my experiences, I can inspire you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing (remember, health to me means: balance, awareness and connection within your entire lifestyle, or something along those lines). This is definitely my goal. My other goals for you include: Get to know the whole-istic connection with the health of your body, mind, community and planet • cultivate the gumption to create your own path • ask why • find balance in your life • build a positive legacy. Those are big goals! Well, what can I say, I’m ambitious. I’ve also been rambling on a bit. So let’s watch this video and see what Lifestyle Exploring is all about!

You can also be sure I’ll be sharing bits of my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience here. I hope to be a handy resource for women interested in a non-invasive, natural and peaceful birthing experience (seriously, I do mean peaceful. It’s all about perspective, friends), as well as the lead up and post-birth experiences. I’ll just say this for now: your approach to a situation is everything.

Oh wait, you were looking for baby pics? Well in that case, here’s an official welcome to Kovy Zealand Komer…

And a ridiculously special thank you to Beach Cities Midwifery as well as our BirthWorks teacher and Doula, Janell Bartzatt!


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  • Nancy Briwn says:

    So happy for you Jaime! He’s adorable! There’s going to be so much love coming your way. Being parents really changes everything! xoxo. Nancy

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