At AYT, our goal is to share proactive methods than can empower your lifestyle…wherever you may be in the world. This can be done in countless ways. And that’s the point! We love creating special events, traveling to new locations, connecting with unique and outstanding companies, and sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle of a community. Here are ways to connect:


Is your company inline with the vision of AYT lifestyle? Support or partner with us for special events, global community connections, and new opportunities.

Olympian Yoga & Pilates for the Athletic Community

Bring Olympian Yoga & Pilates sessions to your athletic group or team. Customized private sessions and workshops available.

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  • Truly says:

    Jamie…I will miss you at YAS but wish you luck with your new business…I’d like to pass off your info to the 14U girls water polo coach I think they would greatly benefit from yoga both physically and mentally… You would be such a great role model…Lmk your thoughts and I will see if they have the time, possibly during there land practices…

    • Jaime Komer says:

      Hi Truly!

      This is a great idea, thank you for offering this! I really enjoy working with young athletes, it’s an ideal time to learn about yoga, pilates, goal setting, and all that fun jazz! I’ll email you directly with more info. 🙂



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