Vibram FiveFingers in Action:


  • SeeYa
  • Spyridon
  • TrekSport
  • If you’re wondering why all these links take you to men’s shoes, that’s because Jaime rocks her large feet in Men’s Vibram FiveFingers, too.

Why Vibram?

  • There’s nothing like feeling the earth underneath you when traveling to a new place. This connects you in such a unique way.
  • Talk about a good conversation starter! Folk are quite curious how we like our Vibrams.
  • You feel truly grounded during your outdoor yoga practice.
  • No claustrophobic toes here – our ten little guys are happy and free in Vibrams.
  • “The SeeYa’s mold to my feet, making it amazing or running. Toes down, these are my favorite running shoes.” – Jaime Komer
  • Easy on. Easy off. Wax on. Wax off.