Here is what I love about this trip. It grounds me. For someone who spends a lot of time talking about foundation (hello yoga & pilates), I take the ground quite seriously.

So as I led our Yoga Volunteer Trip for Kids Play International to Rwanda, how did I choose to connect with this wordly foundation? The only way I know how…from the ground up.

Vibram KPI

Our Vibram FiveFingers were quite the spectacle for the young kids of the KPI program in Gatagara, Rwanda.

Vibram KPI Vibram KPI 2013







One of the things we loved most was being able to teach yoga to the youth of the KPI program. We used yoga as a warm up, cool down, or as a station during the afternoon sports session. The KPI program has approximately 25 boys and 25 girls, ages 7-12, and 25 boys and 25 girls, ages 13-15 (the program will eventually go to age 18).

KPI 2013 KPI 2013

Vibram KPI 2013

Matt of AYT is sporting his Vibram Spyridon’s as he leads the kids through volleyball drills.

Vibram KPI

Oh my, these Komodo Sport LS’ are quite interesting!

Team Rwanda Vibram

After our KPI Yoga Volunteer Trip, AYT led daily yoga sessions for the youth of Team Rwanda Cycling during one of their training camps. Though this was their first time practicing yoga, this certainly won’t be their last. Yoga Instructor Obed Ruvogera is a veteran cyclist for Team Rwanda and now supports the team with massage and yoga sessions.


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