Welcome to Part Deux of 5 part series on Yoga in Rwanda. Why 5 parts? Because we traveled up, down, and all around this hidden gem of a country to share yoga and found heaps of peeps to flow with!

Between our adventures of Kids Play International sports programming and the infamous Rwandan gorilla trekking, we had the opportunity to visit the women of Ubushobozi. I was honored to have the chance to lead an invigorating, AYT-style yoga session to this crew that already practices yoga regularly. What a special event! We loved everyone’s energy and focus!

Ubushobozi Yoga

Breathing through our savasana. Photo credit: Keith Falk


Special Cheers: We have Megan Leigh of Chichester Yoga to thank for helping to bring yoga to the Ubushobozi Project on a regular basis!

About the Ubushobozi Project

Ubushobozi is a nonprofit vocational skills training center in Musanze, Rwanda, founded in 2008 by Jeanne Siporin, Alan Siporin, and Laura Boyea. Ubushobozi seeks to end the cycle of poverty through education and skills training in sewing, weaving, crocheting, and more. Teenage girls and young women in Rwanda are grossly neglected and vulnerable to the continued devastating effects of poverty; the girls of Ubushobozi Project have the opportunity to flourish and sustain themselves in a structured, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Ubushobozi Yoga

Missed the Plot?

This past July, I led the Yoga Volunteer Trip for Kids Play International, a nonprofit organization that uses sports to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide. We introduced yoga to the youth in the KPI program, as well as other organizations throughout Rwanda. Can you tell we love sharing yoga around the world!?

It's always a dance party with Ubushobozi!

It’s always a dance party with Ubushobozi!

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