If you’re wondering why we’re “training for LIFE” and talking about awareness (of what?), then let’s get you back to square one with our Training for LIFE Part 1. Then meet me back here, stat.

What do we mean by awareness and why is it important to apply it to our every day lives? 


əˈwe(ə)rnis/ noun

1. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
When you add the word “body” in front, we get “body awareness”, which can also be thought of as:


\ˌprō-prē-ō-ˈsep-shən\ noun

1. Perception of stimuli relating to position, posture, equilibrium, or internal condition. 

2. In Jaime terms: where part of your body is, relative to another part of your body. 

We often think we know what our body is doing (my leg is totally straight, I swear), when in fact our perception is off from reality (my leg may be bent but it FEELS straight, I swear). Proprioception is the ability to have these two concepts – what we feel & what is real – in sync.

Whether you’re currently competing or “retired”, proprioception is VITAL for overall daily performance. It allows us to hone in on our physical imbalances, bringing heightened awareness to areas we overuse or underuse.

One of the biggest gaps I’m seeing right now in proprioception is the ability to move the pelvis in a forward bend. I will guide athletes from standing, to hinge forward (at the hip), while staying in a neutral spine. Because some athletes tend to spend their time with a tucked pelvis (tight hamstrings anybody?), the ability to hinge at the hip joint is often neglected in favor of bending at the lower back. 

Oooh boy, this not only wreaks havoc on the back, but now we don’t even get to stretch our hamstrings…ever.

So the moral of the story is…

There’s always more to learn about your body.

(wish I could give you something “easier”, but that wouldn’t be any fun)

When we're actually doing this.

When we’re actually doing this. Okay, it’s not always that extreme. But you get the point.

Sometimes we feel like we're doing this....

Sometimes we feel like we’re doing this….

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