Top Five Things to do Every Single Day

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Do one thing a day that scares you

Words to live by, compliments of lululemon athletica.


Give yourself the opportunity to discover something new about yourself.  Dig a little deeper into a subject that you’re curious about.  Discover new ideas or concepts that will encourage you to grow as a person and through this you just might stumble upon what your true passions are.


Even if a flash mob dance party is not your cup of tea, dancing all by yourself in the bedroom is pretty awesome too!  If we can get out of our silly heads that we are being skeptically judged by others, we can surely have a weee bit more fun.  When I have my own daily dance party, I can’t help but ask myself “so what else would I do if I wasn’t embarrassed about being judged by others?”.  And then I make sure to do it.


Get out of your comfort zone, and try something new today.  Whether you try out a new fitness class, a book, a coffee shop, or even browse the good ol’ internet, stimulating your mind daily will give your noggin the extra love and energy it’s craving.  On a broader scale, travel and explore the world, you never know what you might find.

Travel (lululemon)

Simple as that. Travel.


A smile can lighten our own mood.  Yet perhaps its greatest gift is the ability to communicate a gorgeously positive notion worldwide.  We can all probably agree that it’s way more entertaining to be around happy people.  They bring this invigorating and genuine energy into your day.  Now what if we all chose to share this happy energy with someone today?  This next round of smiles is on me!


One of the purest ways of enjoying the present moment is to focus on your breath.  A simple inhale.  A simple exhale.  It’s so easy for our minds to wander into the future “I’m really nervous about my presentation this week on pirate lore…” or into the past “why on earth did I call my boss a scallywag?”, which keeps us from being fully present in a moment.  Just breathe, embrace the now, and smile.

Daily Purpose

Create a rewarding, efficient, purposeful day you are ridiculously PROUD of.

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Great success!