Top 5 Best Practices When Traveling

Let’s be honest, traveling is an eye-opening experience as it can bring out the best or worst in us. It’s up to each of us to decide which side it will be.

So how can I help guide people to find the best in themselves and embrace an experience, while letting go of any negative vibes? With my suggested Best Practices When Traveling, of course!

1)   Listen. Sometimes we get so excited to share our opinions that we forget to first and foremost listen. Let’s take in what’s around us and give ourselves space to absorb others’ stories. We are going into someone else’s culture and home, let’s be the gracious guest, yes?

2)   Perspective. I say 5-star, you say 2-star. I say physically challenging, you say easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. In some places in the world, luxury can be defined as having a cement floor in one’s home compared to a dirt floor. Who are we to say otherwise? The more we can travel authentically the more we broaden our perspective.

3)   No whining. Admit it, this is really just self-satisfying and doesn’t help the situation. Grab your journal and spill your thoughts here. For the diva in all of us, it’s best to leave this bit at home (or you will be given the “diva card” for the day).

4)   Sh*t happens (hopefully not literally, though that happens too). Some things just don’t go as well as we hoped. C’est la vie! Take a deep breath in and step back for a moment to look at the situation from an outside perspective. There’s only so much we’re in control of and if we can recognize this, we can usually release a good portion of our stress.

5)   Be Open. Open to new ideas and personalities. Open to new experiences and cultures. Open to challenging yourself mentally and physically. Open to sticky situations. Open to improvising and unscheduled shenanigans. Open to growing. 


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