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By December 10, 2014 No Comments

Ain’t that the truth. Today was a busy day – and when the day gets busy, our mind can be on constant overdrive. Just as our muscles don’t work as well if they’re constantly firing all day long (translation: some parts of our body may be working on overdrive because they’re being overused, thanks to our habitual patterns of movement, posture, and alignment), our mind requires down time, too. Ahhh, balance in life. That sounds nice!

So here I am in the car on the 405 South on the way down to a gym to lead a girls volleyball club (A4 Volley) through warm up and cool down movement sessions. Where is my mind? On the one-on-one sessions I had this morning with the UCLA Women’s Water Polo Team. I gotta remember to send out video links to each athlete tomorrow based on our session today. Oh poop, I almost forgot, I have to deliver my jewelry to Pure Barre. Well at least I dropped off some jewels yesterday at Ekam Yoga, already. Got that done. What about the MLB gents tomorrow? What type of recovery session should I take them through? Blah, blah, blah blah blahhfdkfjdkfjdl. 

At least that’s what it sounds like in my head. It sure is busy in there. And I’m guessing it’s pretty busy in your head, too (response: you have no idea).

Wherever you are right now:

* Close your eyes for a few moments (unless you’re driving or running away from a rabid wombat. In that case, why are you reading this right now?)

* Empty the air out of your lungs

* Take three mindful breaths in and out 

* Allow your thoughts to become present to you in this moment. The pace of your breath. The pace of your heartbeat. Softening your jaw. Relaxing your tongue. Are you carrying any subconscious tension anywhere else? 

Alrighty, now go get the most out of this moment (and the next) by committing yourself fully to it. People get stressed because they decide something stresses them out. They are usually making a conscious decision to do this. Stress is a feeling and is defined differently depending on who you ask. There is even a hormonal change in our body when we experience something we deem stressful.

How is your current definition of stress influencing your day to day experience? Does your perception of stress, feeling busy, or overwhelmed take away from being present and enjoying the moment?

As the wise Ferris Bueller said…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.”

Thanks for the self check, FB. It’s always nice to have a reminder.

Do you have any favorite quotes that inspire you to enjoy the moment and be present? Share the love in comments below! 


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