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There’s No Compare to Local Fare

By May 24, 2012 No Comments
Local Fare

I bet if you ask anyone what the top five things they love about traveling to new places are, one of them would most certainly be FOOD.  Who doesn’t love it right?  Vineyards in Italy, Olive trees in Greece, a country’s culture is intertwined with their food.  It’s tasty, unique, and absolutely authentic!

On my way over to Rwanda, I read that the staple here is beans and rice.  Okay, I like me some beans & rice, but I’m guessing there’s more to this lush landscape than what I’ve read!

Here are some of my favorite local picks so far:

Banana Chips

Kept whole, grilled bananas go perfectly with a dollop of ketchup.

Banana Chips

Peeled, cut, shaved, and baked, banana chips resemble giant french fries and honestly exude a similar taste!  Who knew bananas and ketchup could taste so good together.  You can also order grilled bananas, which are left whole and then baked (though you still get a similar flavor either way).


Cut in half, many restaurants offer avocado with a drizzle of vinaigrette.


Never before have I seen an avocado tree as big as the ones I’ve seen here.  About 25ft tall, with these massive green fruits dangling down.  At the Paradis Malahide in Gisenyi, you can order an Avocado Vinagearette, half of a perfectly ripened avocado with a splash of vinegarette in its crest.  Eaten right out of its shell, this is a divine snack!


Naan, pitas, wraps, tortillas, and chipates!  Each is a scrumptious addition to a meal and all slightly unique from the others.  About 8 inches in diameter, chipates are purchased outside of the local shop where we get our goat brochettes.  For 100 Rwandan Francs (about 15 cents), these wheat based breads can be eaten on its own or you can create your own concoction of awesomeness!

Goat Brochettes

Goat brochettes are found on almost every menu and cheaper than most meat.

Goat Brochettes

Placed on foot and half long bamboo skewers, goat brochettes are brought in hot to the local shop.  Slide them off the skewer and onto a chipate and bon appetite!  *If you fret over your meat being grass fed, you don’t have to worry about that here!




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