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Joy of a Photo Here’s a question for you:  How many framed photos do you have in your home?  I’m guessing a good few, right?  Now how about the number of photos you have on your computer?  I think I’m going on about 25,000 (not to mention all those pics taken before a digital camera that I’ve been too lazy to scan)!

Now let’s wrap our silly little heads around this thought: In the villages that we visited on our Kids Play International Volunteer Trip in Rwanda, the majority of homes serve solely as a basic necessity; a shelter.  You have a roof, a room for cooking, and a mat to sleep on.  And if you’re wondering where the bathroom is.  Well, that’s out back.  So picture frames aren’t exactly on the top of the list of one’s home decor.

Whatever the reason behind it, the kids that we had to opportunity to work with got such a kick out of seeing their own photo!  You pull your camera out of your bag, ask a child if you can take their photo, snap a shot, show them the pic, and let the smiles and giggles begin!

When taking their photo, some will share a grin, some will give you their serious “Zoolander” expression.  Others will crowd in the photo with their friends and then peer over their shoulders to get a ‘lil peek of the pic.  Either way, everyone ends up smiling and you see firsthand the uplifting impact just one photo can bring to a child.

Brilliant: Kathy Kendrick, the sweet & savvy gal that she is, brought along a polaroid camera to give photos to each child in our KPI camp and at the Ubumwe Community Center that we visited.   Now these awesome kids could have a photo of their very own.

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture says a thousand words”.  After seeing the joy on these children’s faces, I think I’d have to agree.


*In Rwanda, it’s courtesy to ask if it’s okay to take a photo prior to snapping away, whether it’s of a person or of one’s home/business.

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  • Tracy says:

    LOVE this blog Jaime…. 🙂 You have found a great niche for yourself! I’m excited for you to be joining our Kids Play Team! 🙂

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