Welcome to Diaper Sessions!  These short movement classes infuse yoga therapy, body alignment, restorative annnnnd dynamic movements, all aimed to help you find balance in your body (and hopefully lifestyle). I find these help me, so I hope they can do the same for you, my friend.

I recently spoke with a lovely gal who has 4 month old twins, along with 3 other kids (she was with her husband and their new twins on a date night at the Ecology Center’s Lay of the Land event. Clearly, they’re rockstars). We got to talking about fitness classes, recovering postpartum, and that feeling of finally wanting to move more (and knowing that your body is ready for it). She said her body was finally able to unravel itself, so she could focus on releasing the physical tension and tightness that comes with holding babies, breastfeeding, repetitive movement, childbirth, etc. I think that’s a great way to describe what your body goes through postpartum. An unraveling period that takes place after you’ve gotten in the swing of things and ready to move more. Or as I like to call it, desticking the sticky spots or defunking the gunk.

So here we go…Diaper Sessions!

These sessions are called Diaper Sessions because, go figure, I film them during Kovy’s diaper change. We made our changing station on the floor, which makes it super easy for us to move around while changing him. There’s other benefits too, including these (plus why we’re transitioning our lifestyle to moving more throughout the day – creating big change!). If you feel like a diaper changing station on the floor is too much on your body, try out this savvy (and vital) way of moving to help prep your body for more floor time and help strengthen your back, core, glutes, eyeballs, eyebrows. Ha! But seriously. Your body is all connected. So in some capacity, your eyeballs and eyebrows are influenced by how you move.

You don’t need a floor changing station to do these classes, let alone a baby. All you need is some floor space and an eagerness to move your body and stimulate your awareness!

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#1: You want to stretch out your body. It feels tight. Your baby is sleeping (who knows for how long). You know you feel better after you move around a bit. Your mid back is especially achy from how you’ve been standing, walking, carrying things (read: baby), looking at your phone and sitting in bucket seats. What can you do? Well, this is what I do when My body needs some love…a short therapeutic yoga session focusing on releasing mid-back tension…

#2: In this session I share 3 mindfully magnificent movements, focusing on unsticking your sticky spots, particularly in your mid back and shoulders. Yum!

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