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Take Me With You!

By May 26, 2012 No Comments

Q: If You Were Stranded on an Island, What Three Things Would You Take With You?*

Anytime you venture off to a destination, whether you’re marooned on an island or not, I’ll take a gander that you always bring along your must-have travel accessories, or else you’ll find yourself as flustered as dog with a dingleberry!

We all have our odd quarks and silly routines that bring us balance (like talking about dingleberries).  Below are the three items that are absolutes on any trip I go on.  If I forget one, be sure to keep your distance, it won’t be pretty.

Paw PawPawPaw 

I came across this secret salve while living in Australia and it has not left my side.  Wherever I am, my red tube of PawPaw is never far.  And there’s good reason!  Made from papaya, this yellowish goo is great for chapped lips, small cuts, bites, super dry spots, or wherever else you feel like lathering on some intense moisture!

PawPaw is the only thing that I have found that actually stays on my lips (besides a smile of course).  Talk about some succulent moisture!

Deliciously Soft & Versatile Scarf

Blanket.  Eye cover.  Neck warmer.  Draped shirt.  Nose cover (from the chilly airplane air).  Fanciful & fashionable accessory.  That’s a six-in-one-all-sorts-of-fun travel piece!  Who doesn’t love a product that you can use for so many different things!

My go-to scarf of choice when traveling is the Vinyasa Scarf by lululemon athletica.  Made of plush and softened luon, there are buttons that cleverly run from side to side, allowing you to open this infinity scarf into a long shawl.  Genius!

Take me with youA Durable Water Bottle

Sorry, but those wee little cups that are offered on the plane just don’t cut it.  Is it bad that I want to ask for the entire bottle (of water, that is)?  Purchasing water in the airport is a last resort, as it’s overpriced and not as eco-friendly.

Hydration is absolutely key to keeping your insides happy while flying.  Let’s just say it will help keep things regular!  It’s no fun when you’re feeling all bloated and awkward inside, and all you want to do is enjoy a beer on the beach in peace!


*If I was REALLY stranded on an island? (and no cellular devices were allowed, of course): a knife, PawPaw, and a Stand Up Paddle Board.

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