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Why & How to Make a Diaper Changing Station on the Floor

I’ve been transitioning my lifestyle into one where I’m moving more often throughout the day. Why? In a nutshell, it improves my health right down to the cellular level. And believe it or not, moving throughout the day is more beneficial than compressing my workout into selective sessions (as I used to). Why? Because you adapt to the position you’re most often in. And when I was teaching / taking my varied fitness classes, I hadn’t brought this other varied movement into the rest of my day. Because I was tired. And I thought these workouts were enough. In other words, fitness classes aren’t bad at all. I find them quite fun. It’s just that it’s not enough if you really want happy cells (which equals a happy body) (which correlates with a happy head).

With all this mumbo jumbo said, the type of movement you’re doing is super important, as well. Doing the same activity or workout everyday plateaus your metabolism. You adapt. And on top of that, we get so much less movement in our life with our modern conveniences (read: any person, place or thing that makes your day easier. e.g. driving instead of walking, smooth sidewalks instead of rough terrain, grocery stores instead of growing your own food, etc.). Personally, I’m crazy grateful for our fantabulous conveniences. I’ve been able to visit countries on the other side of the world thanks to technology and airplanes. I have time to write this blog because I can walk up to the grocery store instead of tending to crops for all my food. You get the picture. We’re all very lucky to have the time and conveniences that we have! I sure hope people don’t take them for granted. That wouldn’t be cool.

Here’s a few of the transitions we’ve made in the Komer Posse: We’re not using a stroller so we’re carrying Kovy either in our arms or in a baby wrap. I often opt to walk to the grocery store instead of driving, even if it means it takes longer. This also gives me the opportunity to work my upper arms as I carry the groceries home. In our previous home, we got rid of our couch entirely and used pillows to pop a squat on the floor. It’s amazing how much of a change this brings to your body in how you feel and even, yes, how you look and carry yourself. As we currently live at Matt’s parents’ home, we don’t think they’d appreciate us chucking their couches to the curb (ya think!?). So we do our best to:

1) Minimize chair / couch sitting.

2) Create alternative spaces to hang out and play on the floor.

3) If we do sit on the couch, we change our position often. And get up often to do things (or let’s be honest…to get more food.)

This brings us to a new way we’ve been moving throughout the day…Diaper changing! Say what? How does diaper changing get you to move more? Ahh, well, this is where you can get super clever pants McGee, whip out your minimalist skills and nourish your trillions of cells! Changing Kovy on the floor has been so much fun. I can’t believe I just said that. Changing diapers are fun? Well, in this case, they are. Not when you’re cramped in the back of a Prius trying to balance a ginormous baby on your lap as he releases a wrath of fresh poop. Thank goodness for water (and poop) proof material. I know it’s not organic, but I’m still grateful for it.

Enough poop talk. It’s naked time. That’s right. Naked time. Here’s why & how we chose to create a diaper changing station on the floor…

Are you ready to be your own Guide in navigating a healthy lifestyle?


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