What Do You Train For?

Acquaintance: “What are you training for?”
Me: “Life.”

Every week I swim, crawl, run, practice yoga & pilates, hang from a jungle gym, cycle, circuit train, and find random ways to MOVE. I am training for “life”. Granted, everyone’s perspective of “life” might be different. Yet this is one thing that I am certainly love to educate on (and continue to learn myself)!
After my career with the USA Women’s Water Polo National Team, my passion for one sport transitioned into a broad spectrum of ways to challenge myself mentally and physically; half marathons, yoga, indoor cycling, stand up paddling, trail and beach running, triathlons, CrossFit, pilates, ocean swimming, etc. I pretty much dived into everything active I could get my sweaty hands on. I was testing ways to move and the assumptions behind them (aquatic folk aren’t meant to be runners? Screw that.)

I was so eager to learn more about specific disciplines while creating a platform to inspire others for creating and achieving their goals; I became an instructor for half of these shenanigans. In fact, I’d like to declare a non-official certification for my experience in “finding local ways to be active”.
When we’re training for a specific race or event, we’ve created a goal to reach. It’s specific. Our drive and motivation will turn into measurable results, from playoffs to championships. Being former professional athletes, we’re all for measuring success at AYT. Yet we’ve found that there is an often unspoken grey area when you take out this quantifiable goal and leave an “I’m training for life” perspective. In other words, for many athletes, it can be difficult to find new passions and pursuits beyond one’s sport. It can feel like we’re starting from scratch and in many cases, we are. What on earth are we training for, now?

In the upcoming AYT Global Documentations, we’ll be diving into:

1)   Why we should train for LIFE.
2)   Retiring from Sports: How to Compete now?

Have your own thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

Which way is north?

Which way is North?