Get ready my adventurous friends, we’re making our way over the Pacific Ocean for the Sweaty New Zealand Challenge! Two weeks. 14 ways to sweat. 1400 kilometers of culture, outdoor experience and adventure.

The serene Milford Sound will certainly be on the list to visit. Hmm, does anyone stand up paddle there?

The intent of Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. is to share the healthy and happy things in this world. My mission statement (if I choose accept it) is to explore the authentic nooks and crannies of the world, challenge myself and others with athletic adventures, all while uplifting each other with a healthy culture of yoga, love, living in the moment, and smiles (aka happy grins). And this is exactly what we’re doing in New Zealand.

Can anyone say, outdoor yoga?

What are we doing in New Zealand?

We are documenting a non-stop, two-week challenge throughout New Zealand where we will discover and highlight some unique ways to sweat and see the country. Our goal is to share amazing things that New Zealand has to offer (that you may not know about) and inspire YOU to create your own challenges and adventures.

Our purpose is to bring out the athlete, yogi, and traveler in all of us.

How we will do this?

Fox Glacier of the South Island

I will be traveling with my partner in crime, aka Matt Komer. As an Olympian and former Professional Athlete, we take a challenge VERY seriously. There’s no messing around here!

During these adventures, we will be sharing New Zealand’s greatness. This means sharing the details of the daily challenge, food, hired activities, accommodation, drinks (there’s always a reason to celebrate), and exploration options. With our silly antics and competitive demeanor, we’ll sharing a a solid flow of amusing stories and recommendations.

We want YOU to get involved. Tell us what do you want to see us doing?

A visit to Christchurch? Yes, please.

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