Where do all the dwarves, wizards, and elves go? The Hobbit Artisan Market along the waterfront, of course.

AYT Note: This blog is a part of the Sweaty New Zealand Challenge Series: 15 days & 15 ways to sweat. The purpose of an Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. Adventure is to take ourselves off the beaten path and into new territory. New places, new people, new scenery, new ways to sweat. Game on.

How does one Sweat like a Hobbit?

In honor of being in Wellington on the day of The Hobbit World Premiere, it only seemed proper to create a sweaty challenge that highlights what a hobbit would do if he or she were visiting the “Middle of Middle Earth”.

Where would they go? What would they do?

Though we can neither confirm nor deny what a true hobbit would do (sightings are rare, though we did spot several humans with either hairy feet or long pointed ears), we did our best to put our lanky selves in their wee “shoes”.

First Breakfast

Wander down the small Chews Lane for a quick brekkie at Gotham Café. Brewing local Havana coffee and serving tasty muesli, this is perfect for first or second breakfast.




Since we don’t have ponies…

Seeing Wellington on foot is not only doable but the best way!




It’s never too late to be trimming the verge

Take the cable car ($6 roundtrip) up to the Botanical Gardens and get a spectacular view of the city below. There are heaps of winding paths through various gardens, including Australian bush, herbs, and succulents.

A winding walk is well worth your time to see the Rose Gardens. If you didn’t bring a sandwich from the nearby Wishbone (healthy foods to-go located throughout the city) there’s a nice café here to eat at.

Dating scene? We suspect the rose garden is a hotspot for ol’ gents to pick up on the ol’ lassies.

Take in the view

Walking the scenic stretch of waterfront for as long as your feet can take you, unearthing some of Wellington’s artistic touches along the way.




Where’s afternoon tea?

Replenish, refuel, and reboot (cheers to free wifi) at Plum Cafe on Cuba St. With indoor and outdoor seating, you can watch the world go by as you enjoy a plump, savory muffin.




Watch out for Trolls!

The World Premiere of The Hobbit was an enormous extravaganza that had the entire city in celebration mode. A lengthy red carpet lead down Courtenay Place to the grand Embassy Theatre, where a proper “Bag End” Hobbiton home had been brought in for a stage. The cast of the Hobbit popped out of the door as they were introduced by mastermind behind the film, Peter Jackson.


Scott HawaiiProducts we tested, loved, and got sweaty in: 

* Scott Hawaii: Basking under the warm sunny skies? Yes, please!

* Camelbak: Though hobbits prefer half pints of ale, a source of water is always good.

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Great success!