Welcome to part 3 of our 5 part series on Yoga in Rwanda. Why 5 parts? Because we traveled up, down, and all around this hidden gem of a country to share yoga and found heaps of peeps to flow with! All thanks to Kids Play International, with whom I led the 2013 Yoga Volunteer Trip in the land of a Thousand Hills.

Allow me to introduce to you Jean Paul. 

A gentleman with more energy than I had on my 21st birthday, Jean Paul Mana is the director of the OlympAfrica in Nyanza, Rwanda. He is a national volleyball coach, the Kids Play International Program Director, and a sports enthusiast with a contagious zest for life. We love that Jean Paul is so excited to bring yoga at OlympAfrica. We know this is just the beginning!


Leading yoga to the 14 – 15 yr old boys soccer team of OlympAfrica. This is was everyone’s first time trying yoga and they were eager to learn more! This is where our continued practice tools come into play. 

KPI OlympAfrica

 We had a few friends who joined in the practice!

KPI OlympAfrica

Stop, drop, and Dancer’s Pose.

KPI Rwanda

Our Kids Play Int’l Volunteers and OlympAfrica crew! 

KPI OlympAfrica

An OlympAfrica visit is not complete without a 60 minute Gymtonic class led by Jean Paul (left), followed by a 30 minute yoga session led by Jaime. the Gymtonic class is held a couple times a week for the community. Needless to say we were drenched in sweat!

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