Ice Cube had it right when he rapped “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself”. Man, he was way ahead of the game.

It’s time to check your balance, and I don’t mean your checkbook (My dad would be very upset if you didn’t own one, by the way. Besides cash, it’s the best way to avoid identity fraud or pay peeps if a worldwide electricity outage occurs. Just saying, he prepares well.)

Back to the point: Doing a “self-check” is HUGE for our overall wellbeing, helping us assess where our body and psyche are at, as well as our personal goals and overall happy-state. Yes, happiness is important. And so is balance.

Let me ask you this to start off: how often do you look at the balance (or lack there of) in your life? How often do you give yourself a “self-check”? If you’re asking yourself, what on earth does this gal mean by a self-check – do I have to touch myself to check for any lumps? While this article isn’t geared toward touching oneself, I do highly encourage you to educate yourself about your body and with that, acknowledge any lumps that may need to be addressed to a health professional. By “self-check”, I mean, where are you at right now in your life, physically and mentally? If we don’t know where we’re at in these areas, we can’t make logical decisions to improve the balance in our lives.

Ice Cube knows best. Let’s check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. Answer these following questions in your head or on some good ol’ pen and paper. Come back to these questions as often as you see fit. I recommend at a minimum of every season or quarter. You’ll be surprised at how often they may change.

* Don’t be afraid to ask the why’s behind your answer to get down to the nitty gritty reason.

The Big Boys:

How happy are you on a scale from 1-10? What is getting in the way from you saying a higher number? Is there anything you can do to increase this number?

Let’s rewind. How do you define happiness? 

Your life in balance. What does it look like? How does it differ from the way it is now? What is lacking? What is there too much of? How can you improve balance in your life? How do you plan to keep yourself accountable for this? 

How is your body feeling today on a scale of 1-10? Why? What can you do to improve this number? 

How is your body feeling in regards to aches and pains? Do you have them? How do they influence you day-to-day? 

The Quick ones: 

I am stoked about:

I am ready to: 

I am hesitant about: 

These last few months, I’ve learned: 

Today I feel:

In the upcoming months, I want to: 

Biggest learning experience in the past month:

Where I can improve: 

Where I’m awesome (don’t be shy):

I am inspired by: 

I am curious about: 

Where / when am I too hard on myself? 

When / where can I push myself further?

If I could do anything, I would…..

(what’s stopping you?)

Bonus: Create your own questions.

Disclaimer: these questions are meant to stir up the thought process…there’s no right or wrong answer, though I do ask that you are truthful to yourself.

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Featured Photo: using friends to help us find balance in Gatagara, Rwanda with Kids Play International

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