Rain or Shine

Jogging HomeAfter our first day of the Kids Play International Coaches Clinic & Kids Camp at the community field, a mass of us (including all the little kids who giggle as they run beside us) jog along the dirt road back to our base camp.  The sun is shining at the perfect angle, where each vibrant leaf is reflecting off the light, creating a peaceful, panoramic view.

At our base camp (aka City of Joy‘s Todd & Andria’s home), I find a narrow ledge to hop onto, overlooking this remarkable view.  What better place for some Sun Salutations?  Listening to your breath, taking in this one moment.  It’s a beautiful one.

Emily Cook, a 2x Olympic Aerial Skier, hopped up on the ledge with me to join in.  In movement together, we flowed through our vinyasa.  If our backdrop couldn’t get any better, a double rainbow popped up behind us, with a haze of rain making its way over.

As adults we often lose that child-like joy of the simple pleasures in life.  Running through the sprinkler, playing in the rain, jumping in the mud.  Come on, you know it’s fun!  That’s why we now have 5k mud runs, right?

As the giant cloud looms over us, the downpour begins.  I’m not talking about a little pineapple juice, this is torrential downpour!  But a little water never hurt anyone, right?  Our focus slightly wavers as we attempt to maintain our balance in a dancer’s pose.  Teetering over, Emily yells over the rain, “it’s really tough to balance in the rain!”.  We were both holding in our breath, taken back by everything going on.  When you confront any difficulty in a pose or situation, come back to your breath.

A View for DaysListening to your breath, taking in this one moment.  It’s a beautiful one.  





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