InpsireWhere do you find MEANING?

Is it in your endeavors? Ambitions? Family? Passions? Experiences?

Here is a little inspiration and guidance to finding MEANING in everything that you do. And by everything, I sincerely mean everything. If you’re not headed in the direction of your goals. Then what direction are you headed in?

* Special shout out to Escape the City for the discovery of this quote! (have you escaped the city, yet?)

MEANING is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. MEANING is something you build into your life. You build it out of your own past, out of your affections and loyalties, out of the experience of humankind as it is passed on to you, out of your own talent and understanding, out of the things you believe in, out of the things and people you love, out of the values for which you are willing to sacrifice something. The ingredients are there. You are the only one who can put them together into that unique pattern that will be your life.

– John Gardner


Daily Purpose

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