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We recently made some exciting updates to our website and we think it’s only proper to share with you why! First order of business, we recommend you read up on what’s new:

1) Olympian Yoga & Pilates Main Page  2) The Olympian Yoga & Pilates Program  3) The Olympian Yoga & Pilates Workshop

Now that we’re all up to speed, away we go…

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Why do we want to work primarily with Athletes?

Just like relationships, sometimes you have to admit “it just feels right”. Okay, maybe there’s more than that. Sure, we share a common affinity for the athletic world; Matt seems to pick up any sport like he’s been playing it for years and Jaime can’t seem to stop moving. Yet when you look beyond the obvious, you’ll see that we have a passion for inspiring others through leadership and example. We understand the athletic perspective, the physical demands, the mental focus required. Yet one thing neither of us had while training for our respective sports*, was a consistent way to balance our body & minds. This is what we’re here to bring to the field / court / pool / arena.

*Disclaimer: Competing doesn’t just go away when you stop playing a professional sport. You just take up another one or something else to satisfy your zest for life in the meantime. Sure, 15 days & 15 ways to sweat in New Zealand isn’t an Olympic Sport, but you never know…

NZ Sweaty Challenge

What inspired us to create Olympian Yoga & Pilates in the first place?

Maybe this question should go back to why we created Athlete.Yogi.Traveler, as they go hand in hand. To be the best person you can be, you need more than physical ability. You need more than a strong work ethic. It’s the concept that you’re combining various ways of being to create the most ideal lifestyle for you. Athlete.Yogi.Traveler was created to inspire balance in one’s life.

Carry this into Olympian Yoga & Pilates and the same concept applies. Every Athlete is looking for that “extra edge” to improve their game…well, we’re providing a variety of “extra edges” for the Athlete’s game. And that’s the inspiration.

Why do we offer both a Workshop & an intensive Program?

One way to look at this is a tiered system. Tier 1 is the Workshop, a one-time special event that gets your foot in the door. Tier 2 is the Program, a progressive series that is customized to support you through whichever season(s) you choose to hire us. One of our goals is to educate the athletic community on the benefits of Yoga & Pilates, and the variety of ways in which you can use both to support you. From recovery to dynamic workouts, there’s so many ways to activate your body!

Yoga & Sports

What sports do we work with?

Any and every sport! No, seriously. True, our background lends familiarity to sports like water polo, swimming, volleyball, basketball, cross country, cycling, etc. This is why we have a preparation phase in the Olympian Yoga & Pilates Program. We make sure to do our research (Jaime loves this stuff!). In fact, it’s not just about the sport. We make sure to know everything we need to about each specific team, their goals, needs, injuries, etc. Though the workshops are not as intensive, we still do our due diligence to be fully “in-the-know”.


Do we only offer Olympian Yoga & Pilates in Orange County, CA?

If we did, we wouldn’t be called Athlete.Yogi.Traveler. Our goal is to share Olympian Yoga & Pilates with teams around the world. We really do mean the whole WORLD (we don’t want to take over it, just inspire it). We are a part of a strong and supportive community in Orange County, yet we are fully open to expanding and exploring. In fact, one of our GINORMOUS goals is to bring the Olympian Yoga & Pilates Program into 10 International Olympic Federations and their teams by 2020.

Questions of your own? Let us know! 

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