Kids Play Rwanda

Original Intent

Explore. Connect. Sweat. Share. Uplift.

Who’s on a Mission (statement)?

Our goal is to inspire global positivity through an authentic & active lifestyle.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that everyone is an athlete in their own right. There are countless ways of being one. We know that yoga is a practice that teaches us just as much about human nature as it does about creating a physical connection. We feel that there’s no better way to connect with a community than immersing oneself in it. Traveling opens us up to new cultures, experiences, and ideas. It’s as simple as starting a conversation with a stranger or exploring a new town. The possibilities are endless.

Every aspect of Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. is about being our best self inside and out. Open ourselves up to a world of possibility and who knows what we’ll find!


We explore the nooks and crannies around the world, finding unique locations for you to experience and take your yoga practice. Whether you are living it up in a one-of-a-kind villa or an off-the-grid destination, we will always aim to take you out of your comfort zone, outdoors, and immersed in the culture around you.


We connect with extraordinary nouns; people, places, and things. We make sure we have amazing hosts who are knowledgeable of the area to show us their favorite local spots. We find opportunities to share, practice, or take yoga with the local community.


We find fun and local ways to sweat, from organized races to self-created adventures. Jaime will bring in her expertise and experience as an Olympic Athlete and Fitness Instructor to guide and inspire you through this. Top this off with your daily dose of Olympian Yoga & Pilates for good measure!


We share yoga with the community. We provide tools to support one’s continued practice. We can’t keep these amazing experiences to ourselves, we invite you to share these with us.


Our goal is to uplift others by inspiring an authentic and active lifestyle wherever you may be in the world. We have created the Mat Movement to empower others with their yoga practice. We also share yoga with communities who might not otherwise have the opportunity to practice.