Spiderweb Jasper gemstone bracelet: Natural lava Essential oil diffuser


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Every gemstone carries different unique energy properties. Learn about Spiderweb JasperĀ and if it speaks to you below. Each of our bracelets are handmade with happy vibes by Jaime Komer (Lifestyle Guide & Olympic medalist). We use only natural gemstones (as opposed to dyed or manmade) and natural lava (unpolished and unwaxed).

Spiderweb Jasper: Releases stress. soothes frayed nerves. Balancing, cleansing, eliminates negative energy. Renews vitality, increases focus. Healing. Tunes into awareness. Playful.

Use these lava stones as an on-the-go essential oil (EO) diffuser. Place one drop of high quality EO onto the lava and enjoy the oils aroma and benefits! Most oils last at least 3 days. *Always check the EO and safety instructions.

Adult size: approx 6 3/4 inches

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