How to be Proactive in the Bathroom Part V: Find a Brick

Howdy friends! Ya know, I have to say, I thought I was complete with my “How to be Proactive in the Bathroom” special additions. Yet let’s be honest, you spend a LOT of your time in there over the course of your life. There’s always more fun to be had in your toilet temple of solitude.

Treehugger shares great facts (and visuals) on ways to conserve water...including dropping bricks (and poop). shares great facts (and visuals) on ways to conserve water…including dropping bricks (and poop). Just kidding on the poop thing. I added that for my own amusement.

I am particularly excited about this proactive tip and it doesn’t even have to do with poo. Why do I love it so much? Let me count the ways…

1) You will save water every time you flush the toilet

2) It’s super crazy balls easy to implement

3) It’s extremely budget friendly

4) I learned about it from The Ecology Center, an educational center that I’m ridiculously inspired by.

You’ll see how budget friendly and easy this is. Ready for it?

Go grab a brick. Yep. Just a brick.

the-water-effectNow place the brick in the back of your toilet’s tank. Notice how it displaces water? Cool. You’ll save around a 1/4 of a gallon every time you flush! For the source of this brain-expanding information, plus details on The Ecology Center’s water initiative, The Water Effect, explore here.

According to, in just California “an estimated 203 million gallons of treated municipal drinking water are wasted every day due to an average flush volume of about 2.7 gallons, when compared to using modern ultra low flush toilets, which require just 1.6 gallons.” That’s a bummer. Thankfully there’s a brick for that.

What if your toilet is already so efficient it uses less than 1.6 gallons per flush? Then there’s no need for a brick in the tank. Feel free to use the brick instead to build a life-size lego building.

Well that’s it folks. Like I said, super crazy balls easy to implement. Until next time.

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*featured image by The Ecology Center

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