How to be Proactive in the Bathroom Part IV: Relearning how to Poop

Last but certainly not least of all proactive changes one can make in the bathroom is perhaps my favorite…relearning how to poop. Why do we need to relearn how to take care of business? What’s wrong with what we do on a (hopefully) daily basis?

gut-imageLittle did I know, assuming the position on the almighty porcelain throne is not the royal topnotch way to release your waste. While reading GUT, the Inside Story of our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, author Giuila Enders describes the act trying to do your business on a traditional (to western cultures) toilet, as putting a “kink in your hose”. So imagine this hose in your body…every time you sit down, the hose gets a kink in it (this hose contains all your waste, aka poop). With this awkward blockage, you have to put in some effort to push things out. Gravity and internal pressure can no longer do the job for you. The result of kinking up our hose goes beyond constipation or hemorrhoids. What you do on a daily basis can influence your whole body health (aha! Here we see it again – the little things we do each day add up and affect our entire body from inside and out. There is definitely a theme to every blog I write, isn’t there!).

What can you do about this kink in your hose? How can you improve your whole body health without ripping out your toilet from the ground? Ahhh, here’s where unicorns come into the story. Why wouldn’t they after all, unicorns are quite magical. They’re even more magical when they poop rainbow frozen yogurt. The following video is an ad for the Squatty Potty, a simple contraption to use with your toilet. This video actually shares – in simple lingo – why your body is actually designed to poop in a squatting position. It’s quite enlightening. Enjoy…

1000x200-blog-titles-18squatty-potty-toilet-stool-1As hilarious as they are, the squatty potty images (like the one I used as the featured image at the top) are quite educational. Seriously. I don’t even need to write anything else. So I won’t. The End. Okay, I’ll write one more thing: who’s excited to poop!? The Real End. Isn’t that what this blog is all about? Ha!1000x200-blog-titles-34Following this edition of Proactive Changes in the Bathroom, stay tuned for a special writeup on the profound influence a squat toilet in China had on my perspective on culture, class and health.

What can I say, you can learn a lot from going to the bathroom!
1000x200-blog-titles-35While you’re squatting on the potty, you can enjoy our colorful and nutrient dense guide to eating well (click image below to download). Nothing goes together like pooping and food. Or I guess in this case it would be food…then pooping. But in all seriousness, what you eat will make biggest difference to the quality and comfortability to your bowel movements (and using a squatty potty).Front Cover of Nutrition Guide

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