You’ve just trekked over mountains, jumped over creeks, or summited peaks and your body is not sure yet if it should be appreciative of this experience. Congrats, you’ve completed a successful tramp (aka hike)!

Before you hop back into your car for the long haul back into town, you know your body is just begging and pleading for a little stretch time (or a good quality yoga session, ya?). Here are a few favorites that can help realign and lengthen our body so that we can fully enjoy kicking up our feet at the end of our day with an ice cold drink in hand. Cheers!

Crescent lunge with chest expansion

-Contrary to popular belief, we all deserve happy hip flexors.

-To emphasize the hip opener, keep back knee on the ground. Make sure front knee is right over your ankle (not past it).

-If clasping your hands behind your back is too tight, hold onto opposite elbows.

-To ensure no ‘pinching’ of the lower back, draw your tailbone underneath and lower abs up and in.

Frog (ribbit)

-Pop a squat into a frog position with hands at heart center.

-Keeping your spine long and lengthened, your inner thighs, calves, and achilles will get some stretching love.

-If heels don’t touch the ground, make your stance wider (sumo style, wooha!).

Ahh Hamstrings

-Legs wide, feet parallel, keep a flat back as you lower into this.

-Option to hold onto feet, ankles, or wherever your hands reach.

-Spine stays long and flat, this way you’ll feel the stretch more into those hurtin’ hammies.


-Twisting never felt so good! Front leg stays straight (your quad must be engaged!) while you hinge your hips back and reach your front arm towards your shin or ankle.

-Reach opposite arm high towards the sky in thanks for being able to still walk after your hike.

More than just a Back Extension

-This is your “thank goodness I actually made it back in one piece” pose.

-With feet parallel to each other, reach high towards the sky and hinge your body backwards for a back extension.

-Make sure your abs are engaged, tailbone is drawn under slightly, and you continue to lift your chest. That’s right, this is a proud pose!

What do I call this pose? Pop a squat while in Figure Four (a very yogi name indeed)

-Bring one leg across the opposite thigh, keeping the foot flexed (to protect your achy knee).

-Keep a flat back as you bend your standing knee. If this is way to intense on your wobbly legs, lay on your back in the same position, pulling your thigh towards you.

-Yes, you’ll feel this in your bum. And yes, you need it.

-If standing in this pose is easy for your flexi body, round your back and lower your hands to the ground for a deeper glute stretch.

Ahh, now that feels better. Poor glutes, they never did anything to deserve this.

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