I recently walked into a public restroom and a refreshing aroma met my nostrils – cinnamon. Ya, not what you’d typically expect when you’re in a room of toilets. Yet here it was, zesty, lively cinnamon. I’m a curious kid so I went on a search party to find the source…a plastic air freshener most likely purchased at the local drug store.

Well I guess the joke is on me. Apparently I wasn’t smelling cinnamon after all. Sure, it smells like cinnamon. But what I was smelling was a mixture of chemicals and fragrances to create a familiar scent. Wait, let’s back track. I’m inhaling chemicals? Well that sucks. I just wanted to come in here and go pee.

Since I’m a curious kid, I went on a search party in our Komer Cottage and found an old Febreeze, as seen in the photo.


  • odor eliminator (what does that actually mean??)
  • fragrance (what kind?)
  • non-flammable natural propellant (thank goodness, we won’t blow up, but you haven’t exactly explained what you’re using to propel this stuff out of the can)
  • quality control ingredients (uuhh, no idea what that means).

Moral of the Story: Even if it smells good, it may not be good for you. Find the source. Know the ingredients. And then flush it down and clog the toilet. Just kidding. But maybe you should throw the spray away and share good karma by bringing in a bundle of fresh cinnamon sticks.

Tomorrow: Learn how to create your own affordable and awesome au naturale spray.

ps: yes, I threw away the Febreeze afterwards.

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