A Mindful Intention.

Lingering emotions from yesterday’s ventures, a restless night of sleep, an anticipatory event, an endless to-do list; These potentially stressful feelings (depends on your definition of stress, mind you) can come to light before we’ve even peeped our heads out from underneath the covers. How can we begin our day with a clean slate and openly refreshed mind?

Before you even think about getting out of bed or even open up your eyes, allow the question to float around in your head: What is your intention for the day?

If you’re not sure what you’re intention should be, use these questions to help you find one:

* How will improve and better yourself?

* Is there an opportunity to better others?

* What do you need to create balance in your life?

* How will you make today awesome?

* Is there a word or a phrase that captures these feelings of purpose and motivation?

These simple thoughts can make a visible difference in your approach to your day, including training, competition, and work. Your approach to something can make all the difference in the outcome.

Intention 1.12.15

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