It’s all in the set-up…to get the most out of any stretch, we need to align our bodies in a healthy position first. This yummy stretch targets the muscles around your pelvis and hip joint. Ahh, such relief after a day of trekking, competing, or even traveling.

Don’t play favorites. If you do this stretch on one side, be sure to do the same for the other. Holding for approx 30 seconds on each leg. To get the most out of your stretch, think “inhale while lengthening your spine. Exhale as you hinge forward at the hips.”

*Extracurricular fun: Notice the position your standing leg / foot tends to take, without you self-correcting. Does the foot turn outward (i.e. externally rotate)? For many of us, this may be the case. Whether your background is in dance, sports or military, a turned out stance is a common cultural norm. It also may be attributed to the high volume of time we spend in hip flexion (e.g. sitting, driving, even running and cycling). Yet the human body was not designed to function at its optimum with a turned out stance 24/7. For more on your standing alignment, check out our video with special guest, Norbert, the Silverback Gorilla – http://youtu.be/wDkNnzyrxCs

Moral of the Story: First we have to recognize what our body is doing (who knew!) and only then can we work to rebalance. Good on ya, friends, we’re taking the first step.

Location: Monterosso (Cinque Terre), Italy

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