Let’s create some muscular balance in the body! Focusing on the connective tissues that run along the entire backside of our body (also known as the posterior chain), we can improve activation in these areas that can be extremely imbalanced, whether it be from repetitive movements or habitual patterns when standing, moving, sitting, driving, etc. Check out this technique called the Founder, created by Dr. Eric Goodman, based on his method of Foundation Training.

Why do this? We need strength and stability in our posterior chain, no matter which sport we compete in. Let’s be honest, we need this strength and stability just to stand properly! This exercise helps to decompress the lower back in a safe way, by actively strengthening and stretching it.

“Am I doing this right?” This is a common question we might ask when trying something new. Be patient with yourself. This exercise activates the body in a way we may not be used to. But boy, it’s needed!

Where is your spine? Maintaining the natural curves of your spine during this exercise is crucial. If your not sure how to hinge at the hips (which is what we should be doing here), check out our Hip Hinging for Hamstrings video as a review.

Location filmed: A foundation-savvy rock in Yosemite National Park, California, USA

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