Whether you’re currently in competitive sports, coaching someone who is, or working out for your own health and wellbeing, we need to address the rate at which you intensify your training. It may seem like common sense to ease our way into a new type of workout or training regimen; yet unfortunately it’s not always common practice.

To stimulate muscle growth, we need to progressively load (load, meaning weight) above the current normal level of loading. Progressive is the key word here.

pro·gres·sive prəˈɡresiv/ adjective

  1. happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.

Note: The word load (weight) does not refer directly to “lifting weights”, like a dumbbell. Your body has weight (surprise!), which means that even when you do body work (e.g. yoga, running, hanging from a tree, etc.) we should mindfully progress and increase.

We need to make sure we can support ourselves first, before we even think about picking up a dumbbell. PLUS, we need to be aware of how we’re supporting ourselves: quality vs. quantity.

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