Fun fact of the day: Your feet contain about a quarter of your muscles and bones. That’s a hefty percentage! So these foundational friends deserve some good quality attention — daily. Whether you train and compete in shoes, or wear flip flops through out the day, this one’s for you.

Why do this? Your toes should have the nerve capability to move independently from each other, like your fingers. Can they? Be patient with these exercises…it can take some time to regain these neurological connections. Imagine if you have been wearing oven mitts on your hands for the majority of your life. You finally take them off and try to type up an email. Your email would look like this: jjklsfjkdljfdklfjdlfjdklfjsdfjdkdjf.

So let’s get your toes moving. Toe health relates to foot health, relating to ankle stability, knee stability, hip stability, and so on!

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