In our Own It 365 for 3.4.15, we recommend listing 3 things that you’ll do today to get out of your comfort zone. Because this is ultimately where we make progress and grow. Well let’s add to that. Building on today’s quote (which discovered via Escape the City)…

  • Where is there a sense of inaction or in your life? Where is there nothing really happening where you really want something to happen.
  • Do you doubt yourself in this area? Are you a wee bit fearful to pursue something here?
  • Reread the quote above.
  • Write down one thing that you will do today to take action in this area.
  • Now go do it!

* No matter what the outcome is, we’re guessing you’re going to a feel heaps better now that you’ve put yourself out there, moving from a place of fear / doubt to a new space of courage and confidence. You can now say “yep, I did it.” And no one can ever take that away from you.

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