Whatever the weather is like in your neck of the woods, we always highly encourage people to get outdoors, take in nature and most importantly…move! Hopefully you don’t need an excuse to put the walking / hiking shoes on, but here are a couple ways to move around town:

1) Have a dog? In most cases, your dog is yearning to play around outside, even it means putting a leash on wrangling him / her from other lassies. We even have a neighbor that walks his parrot (you betcha, with a leash!).

2) Have a call or meeting? Take it outside while you’re moving. More people are implementing this form of “production” while on their favorite path. Being stuck in a conference room or at your desk does get extremely monotonous. AND is horrible for your bodies lack of movement.

*Be sure to you use a headset (bluetooth or not)! It will keep your arms flowing around and won’t prohibit unnecessary tweaks of the neck and the back.  One of our go-to’s…this Skullcandy earphone Skullycandy 50:50

3) Need to burn some calories or work off that heavy lunch / dinner? A brisk walk, even if its around the block, can have a significant influence on your digestive system.

These are just a couple good reasons – or excuses – to get yourself outside and moving. Whatever your reason may be, we highly encourage it!! Happy trails.


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