Why is it called Bird Dog? No idea. Yet this movement brings to light any spine, shoulder, or hip stabilizing imbalances. This is one of those movement that looks easy – yet be forewarned – if done correctly with concentration, muscular activation, and form(ation) – your entire body will feel the love it deserves.

Why do this? The Bird Dog is a user-friendly way to strengthen the core, which in turn helps stabilize your spine. And yes, this stabilization can influence other seriously important parts of your body (hips & shoulders, to name a few). Thank goodness for Bird Doggity!

Strengthening the Core Area: there are different ways to strengthen the core, which in turn, stabilize the spine. Wait, what is the core? In a nutshell, it is the entire torso area – essentially all the muscles and connective tissues that help support the spine). The Bird Dog is a static (isometric) hold for the core, while an exercise like the Pelvic Crawl is a dynamic movement that stabilizes the spine, just in a different way. So how can you be as strong, supple, and balanced as possible? Make sure you do both – mixing it up is key.

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