When we stretch, whether it be dynamic or static, how can we be sure we’re actually moving and stretching the way (and area) we think we are? By using a doorway for feedback, of course!

Jaime takes you through a simple self check to bring to light any movement patterns that may cheat us from stretching the areas that are actually lacking in range of motion (flexibility). Self checks are an opportunity for us to explore movement in our body in a new way. We are using the doorway as a marker or a point of reference to observe our alignment. The width of your doorway will influence your experience Рwe recommend using a narrow one if possible.

In this particular video, we focus mainly on the abductors (outer thigh area – muscles that pull the leg away from its midline) adductors (inner thighs – muscles that pull the leg towards the midline), though the entire body is involved (as it always is).

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