Calm your nervous system, let the body relax, create balance, restore energy, repair tissues, regenerate cells, rest & digest, friends. You deserve it. This is one of our favorite poses to incorporate at the end of the day, after traveling (especially flying), or after any workout.

In a restorative pose, you want to feel fully supported (hence, the use of props). You shouldn’t feel like you’re “working” at all, the muscles should be able to fully relax and not feel any pulling sensations (e.g. stretching). If you do feel like your muscles still have to work to hold you in the position, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your position and where you place your props. Jaime provides suggestions within the video. Still need help? Leave a comment below or message us!

When should I practice this pose?

  • After a day on the road, in the air, traveling about
  • After work
  • At the end of a workout or yoga sequence
  • Anytime your legs are feeling “heavy”
  • Before you go to bed (can be done on the bed, with feet up against wall – this will feel a bit different than being on the ground, depending on the firmness of the bed)

What do I need?

  • A wall
  • Rolled up pillow, blanket, or yoga mat (be sure to have a couple handy, just in case you need to use an extra one)
  • Yoga strap (preferably but not absolutely necessary)

How long do I stay in this pose?

In the video, Jaime guides you through 10 breaths. Yet we recommend at least 5 minutes here, ideally 10+. Restorative poses aren’t designed to be rushed into or out of. This is why we’ve suggested incorporated the pose at times when you are already winding down from another activity.

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