Plank and Downward Facing Dog are oh-so popular in the yoga & fitness world. Yet are we doing more harm than good? In this video, Jaime takes you through these familiar postures in a perhaps unfamiliar way, with helpful hints, examples, and detailed cueing on what and where to activate. Taking the time to set up your foundation can make all the difference in a movement.

Why do this? If we want to get the most out of these movements (without eventually hurting ourselves), we need to be mindful of how to position our body. Quality over Quantity.

Do you see it? In the video, Jaime‚Äôs elbows bend a wee bit wonky while in plank pose. She has hypermobility within her elbow joints, which means that when she is in this “over-bendy” position, she is no longer relying on her muscles to stabilize and support her. This can damage the surrounding tissues and also means that her muscles are not getting the activation and circulation they need. It can be a hard habit to break and takes constant awareness – something Jaime is continually working on (except apparently in this video).

Be forewarned: Jaime doesn’t like any eye contact when practicing plank and downward facing dog.

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